The Touring Consortium’s Ambassadors are members of the Consortium venue partners’ local communities who work alongside us to help build, diversify and develop drama audiences in their areas.

We currently have over 30 Ambassadors, who have been recruited specifically to promote Touring Consortium’s slate of five Arts Council-funded productions, running from 2013 to 2015.

The aim is to encourage first-time attenders from all areas and cultural backgrounds to give theatre a go; it’s about making your local theatre accessible and welcoming to everyone.

“I chose to become an ambassador so I could share my passion for the theatre with as many people as possible and promote plays to those people who may not typically attend them. I believe that plays, especially those by Touring Consortium, are not only educational but truly entertaining for anybody who attends them. The challenge of being an ambassador is finding new and creative ways to involve all types of people with the theatre” – Holly Spence, Bradford Ambassador, age 17

Ambassadors have their work cut out as drama audiences are dwindling and many young people today feel as though theatre is simply not for them. But with friendly local faces and encouragement, which ambassadors supply in spades, we aim to make these infrequent audience members feel more relaxed and comfortable about attending their local theatre.

Ambassadors also enjoy special perks through their association with the Touring Consortium and our shows, including opportunities to meet the cast, attend open rehearsals and provide a genuine voice for their local community.

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Creative Projects

In addition to our Ambassadors, Education and other offline activities and events, we invite audiences to get involved with us and our productions through a variety of interactive, digital Creative Projects. Run in conjunction with TheatreCloud, these are housed on the media site for maximum accessibility and online engagement, and are heavily promoted via our various social media channels.

Our Creative Projects to date have included the This Is Mine video documentary series around Brassed Off, our Young Reporters’ Scheme for aspiring arts journalists, and the hugely popular War Poetry for Today competition in support of Regeneration, which tells the story of World War One poets Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen.

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