The work we do aims to inspire, celebrate and develop new and existing drama audiences for the future of touring theatre. Our productions try to be of the highest quality and of relevance to today’s society.

Our creative learning and education programme, funded by Arts Council England, has been designed to offer theatregoers from the age of 14 to 104 the opportunity to participate and involve themselves in the themes, issues and conflicts that live and breathe within our productions. Involvement in our work is key to our success.

Our creative learning programme consists of: bespoke workshops to secondary schools, groups and organisations, a page to stage at our touring venues, backstage tours, Q&As with the cast, educational video resources.

If you would like to discuss specific requirements that you or your organisation may have for a tailormade workshop or if you have any questions about our existing workshops or creative learning programme, including how to book, please contact [email protected]

Please note: Some workshops are free; some can be specifically created for individual needs of your organisation at costs to be agreed.


We produce learning resources for all of our productions. For current and previous resources, please visit the learning page on theatrecloud.com.

View our learning resources on theatrecloud.com