A View From The BridgeBW_1#1

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Incestuous love, jealousy and betrayal
Jenny King for The Touring Consortium

Directed by Kenny Ireland
Designed by Saul Radomsky
Lighting Design by Jeanine Davies

This raw American tragedy simmers with tension as Eddie Carbone’s obsession with his pretty orphaned niece spirals out of control.

Set in 1950’s Brooklyn, in a close immigrant community bound by Italian codes of justice and vengeance and the strict laws of US immigration, Eddie knows the rules. But the scene is set for disaster when Eddie and his wife take two illegal immigrants into their home.

Sexual repression, paranoia, homophobia erupt in a psychological conflagration that has tragic consequences for Eddie, his family and their whole community.

An American classic, A View from the Bridge was written while McCarthyism was still raging. It crackles with tensions and betrayals – a gripping tale.

“Wow! What an exciting production .. go and see it you will not be disappointed.”
South Wales Argus (4 October 2002)

“A Gem of a production at the Theatre Royal. Fast moving and oozing raw emotion, the company captured the very essence of Miller’s social drama”
“.. as timeless today as it has ever been”
“.. fantastic performances by Sorcha Cusack and Tadeusz Pasternak ..”
“A View from the Bridge is a short, sharp, shock of a play.”
“What better oportunity to familiarise yourself with a classic .. the chance to see a great piece of theatre on your doorstep.”
Mansfield Chad Newspaper (20 November 2002)

“Kenny Ireland’s thrilling production …”
“Arthur Miller’s classic is as vivid and intense today as when it was written 47 years ago.”
“Gasp at a vivid view of a classic Miller’s tale.”
Nottingham Evening Post (19 November 2002)

“Arthur Miller’s powerful drama .. socked a near-capacity house in the eye last night”
“The Touring Consortium has leapt on it, as is it’s wont with set texts, and given it the big guns it needs .. it’s in danger of selling out, and no wonder”
 Cambridge Evening News (30 October 2002)

“.. a triumphant revival of Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge”
“the audience were held spellbound by Miller’s intense drama and the dazzling acting skills on display”
“Robert Gwilym .. an extraordinarily fine actor .. tortured, unsmiling and finally raging, he dominates the action”
Oxford Times (11 October 2002) 

“Gripped throughout, the audience witnesses love, in all its compulsive, un-compromising terror, seize lethal control .. Stunning stuff.”
Swindon Eve Advertiser (16 October 2002)