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Jenny King for The Touring Consortium presents

by Bram Stoker, a new adaptation by Bryony Lavery
Featuring Colin Baker as Van Helsing
with Richard Bremmer

Enigmatic and terrifying, sensual yet deadly, the fearsome figure of Dracula continues to haunt and enthral us. As old as sin itself, the story’s epic battle between good and evil, darkness and light, is one that has journeyed through the generations to the very heart of our modern-day world, and maybe beyond. 

Written in 1897, Bram Stoker’s novel of sexual repression and Gothic terror is legendary. Count Dracula is one of the most powerful creations of horror ever conceived yet his lonely and deadly pursuit of immortality seems to touch a human nerve that transcends time and culture.

This modern adaptation by award-winning writer Bryony Lavery (and Tony Award nominee for ‘Frozen’) promises to scare you witless; entertain and enthrall you with spectacle, sound and breathtaking magic… it will span centuries and challenge every preconception you have ever had about the legendary figure of …DRACULA!

Richard Bremmer is Dracula. He is perhaps best known as the voice of ‘He who must not be named’ in “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”. He is joined by Colin Baker, star of “Doctor Who?”, as Van Helsing, a man determined to rid the world of the evils of The Count, and “The Bill” star Hywel Simons as Van Helsing’s ready assistant Dr Seward.

Lighting by RICK FISHER
Video Design by MIC POOL
Movement Director STRUAN LESLIE
Illusions by SCOTT PENROSE