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Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Jenny King and Matthew Gale for The Touring Consortium

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Bill Bryden
Designed by Hayden Griffin
Lighting Design by John Harris
Music by John Tams

Directed by Damian Cruden

Touring the UK in Spring 2006, this fresh, stylish production is directed by Bill Bryden, best known for his landmark production of ‘The Mysteries‘ at the National Theatre which won an Olivier, Evening Standard and Variety Award for Best Director.

Joining a talented young cast are Su Pollard as The Nurse and Gerald Harper as Friar Laurence, both highly regarded stage actors whose television credits include ‘Hi-de-Hi‘ and ‘Hadleigh‘.

“Members of the audience stood and cheered at the end of this latest staging of Shakespeare’s greatest love story”
Walsall Observer  

“Bill Bryden had exactly the right idea when he stuffed his new production.. with drama school graduates. The result is a production that is undeniably youthful… it’s not difficult to believe that Juliet’s mother was ‘a mother made’ at barely more than Juliet’s age. Where this production is most successful is highlighting the young lovers’ ultimately tragic decision to turn to the older generation in the form of Juliet’s Nurse and Friar Laurence for advice.”

 “Jamie Doyle as Romeo glowers, moans and yearns.. a convincing teenager in love. Shakespeare intended the couple to be fourteen years old and for once, with this performance they might have passed for it. .. The fight scenes are fast-paced and comic business handled beautifully.”
BBC Birmingham website