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Massachusetts, 1692
Birmingham Repertory Theatre in association with Jenny King for The Touring Consortium

by Arthur Miller
Directed by Jonathan Church
Designed by Simon Higlett
Lighting by Mark Jonathan
Music by John Tams

A group of young girls is suspected and accused of witchcraft. A lethal brew of illicit sexuality, paranoia and political manipulation grips Salem leading to a wave of persecution and terror.

The Crucible is a deeply disturbing account of truth and honour, abuse of authority and the devastating effects of doubt and suspicion. This is human nature at its most raw and dangerous.

Based on a true story, The Crucible is set against the backdrop of the Salem Witch Trials. Arthur Miller’s classic play famously mirrors the paranoid McCarthy era of 1950s America which the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright himself had to face. The Crucible refects an America where trust and innocence were sacrificed to mass hysteria, personal ambition and political agendas.

The Crucible is produced by Birmingham Repertory Theatre, one of the country’s leading theatre companies and The Touring Consortium who have built up an extraordinary reputation for touring quality drama. Previous collaborations have included the award-winning ‘Of Mice and Men‘ and ‘A Doll’s House‘. The Crucible is directed by Jonathan Church, Artistic Director of the Rep.

“It’s about panic, paranoia, about people believing in things that don’t exist and going a little crazy because of that… and I’m afraid it doesn’t go away.”
Arthur Miller

“Possibly the best American play every written.”
Financial Times

“The greatest American dramatist of our age.”
London Evening Standard